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Lime Lighting Is Australian Owned & Operated, specializing in professional consultation, designs, and supply & installation of innovative lighting solutions.

Soluxio Solar Street Light

Solar power solutions

FlexSol Lighting Solutions is a Dutch high-tech company with unique expertise in solar technology. FlexSol Lighting Solutions has developed a special technology to curve mono-crystalline solar cells, the most efficient type of cells on the market. By applying this technology, it has become possible to create cylindrical solar panels that can be integrated into state-of-the-art products, such as the Soluxio solar street light.

Next to the solar technology, FlexSol Lighting Solutions specialises in developing complete systems and fully integrated products. The dedicated Soluxio electronics make it possible to integrate cutting-edge features such as remote monitoring and smart city applications, including motion sensors, air quality sensors and weather stations. All products of FlexSol Lighting Solutions are smart city-ready.

Soluxio Solar Light Pole

Soluxio is the most advanced and sophisticated solar light pole available on the market. The solar light pole is completely off-gird and works autonomously, using sustainable solar power, This means there is no need for expensive cabling and invasive trenching, which results in fast installation, easy operation and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). FlexSol believes in collaboration and teamwork. Making the world a greener and a more sustainable place is not done single-handedly. That’s why FlexSol is partnered with world-leading companies, such as Valmont structures, Nedal (Purso Group Oy), Schott Ag and Innolumis. Together we have built Soluxio to withstand the toughest conditions. Soluxio has proven its outstanding quality at numerous locations worldwide, from the U.S.A to the Middle East and from Mauritius to the Netherlands.

Smart machine-learning algorithms continually optimise the performance of the carbon-neutral light pole. The curved vertically integrated solar panels are wind-resistant and self-cleaning, as dirt and dust cannot stick to the design. Solar energy generated during the day is stored in high-quality lithium batteries, which are long-lasting and require minimum maintenance. The highly efficient LED luminaire provides powerful lighting at night. All Soluxio light posts can be connected to an online platform that enables remote monitoring and management. this reduces maintenance costs and makes the light pole extremely reliable.


  • Solar Modules: 1-4 modules.
  • Mast height: 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 14 meter.
  • LED Light: FlexSol offers its own range of light fixtures suitable for use with the Soluxio. The Soluxio can also be installed with several other LED luminaire brands using compatible DCDC Led drivers.
  • Battery technology: Lithium-ion (NMC)
  • Battery capacity: 800 Wh – 3700 Wh
  • Electronics: GPS receiver, 4-channel MPPT per solar module, LED driver, battery management system, mobile Internet communication.
  • Features: Wireless programming & monitoring, automatic sunset & sunrise tracking.
  • Pole Structure: Galvanized steel (powder coated) or high strength aluminium. Other options on request (e.g. wood or marble look).
  • Maintenance: Secured maintenance door at ground level, partially possible over-the-air.
  • Optional features: USB charging ports, Pyranometer, Weather station, CCTV, Motion detection, and other smart city sensors (on request).
  • Foundation: Base plate or in-ground.

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