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Lime Lighting Is Australian Owned & Operated, specializing in professional consultation, designs, and supply & installation of innovative lighting solutions.

FormPro Flex 16Mono

The FormPro Flex F16 Mono series provides a uniform strip of illumination, available in a flat finish, in a variety of colours and colour temperatures. With Top (vertical) flexibility this product can be utilized to suit a variety of residential, retail and commercial applications.

Key Features

  • Adopts SMD5050 LED chips.
  • First grade eco-friendly UV resistant PVC, with seamless injection molded connections.
  • Flat illuminated surface providing uniform illumination.
  • Easy to install, various connections and mounting systems available.
  • IP68 rating

Refine Selection

Product Name
FPF16-24VCV10W-2200K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 2200k
FPF16-24VCV10W-2500K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 2500k
FPF16-24VCV10W-2700K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 2700k
FPF16-24VCV10W-3000K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 3000k
FPF16-24VCV10W-3500K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 3500k
FPF16-24VCV10W-4000K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 4000k
FPF16-24VCV10W-4500K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 4500k
FPF16-24VCV10W-5000K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 5000k
FPF16-24VCV10W-5700K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 5700k
FPF16-24VCV10W-6500K F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 6500k
FPF16-24VCV10W-AMB F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 Amber
FPF16-24VCV10W-BLU F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 Blue
FPF16-24VCV10W-GRN F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 Green
FPF16-24VCV10W-RED F16 10w/m 83.3mm IP68 Red

This is just the tip of the iceberg

Our range of products is not just limited to what you can see here. If you have any lighting challenges which require quality bespoke solutions, would like some more information on our expanding range, or if you would just like to chat, please give us a call